Bucketfull of Brains • Records


The Bucketfull Of Brains label was launched in the spring of 2010 as a spin-off from the legendary magazine of the same name. Originally set up purely as a vehicle to release a limited-run EP by Benjamin Folke Thomas (BoB 101) it immediately attracted interest and a certain pressure, initially largely resisted, to release more material.

In summer 2011 a second release did follow; Welcome To Inferno Valley (BoB 111) the second album from Italian-born, London-based troubadour Trent Miller; which led to a distribution deal with Proper Music Distribution.

In 2012 Bucketfull gave John Murry’s The Graceless Age (BoB 122)  its world debut as part of a strategy to launch an album recognised by any discerning listener as a classic but rejected or simply ignored by most of the more established labels. Following Del Day of ArkPR’s assiduous promotional work, leading to Allen Jones’ nine-star review of the album in Uncut which in turn opened up an agency deal with Free Trade, this was largely achieved, and Murry has now moved on to wider acclaim and a larger organisation.

As 2013 dawned the label turned its attention to another impressive London singer Jack Day whose splendid debut collection The First Ten (BoB 123) has attracted comparisons to Bill Fay. Later the same year came The Last Days Of Rock & Roll (BoB 131) the third, and most diverse yet, album by premier London country-rockers The Snakes. This was followed by Too Close To Here (BoB132) the debut album from Ben Folke Thomas

Spring saw a new album from Trent Miller in Burnt Offerings (BoB 141).

The label has also given re-issues to Trent Miller’s first album Cerberus (BoB 112H) and Edward Rogers’ Porcelain (BoB 121). The English-born, New York-based Rogers, a long-time friend and supporter of the magazine records for Zip Records in USA.

Press Enquiries to Del Day at Ark PR (Benjamin Folke Thomas and Jack Day, and Edward Rogers), Gerry Ranson at Mule Freedom (The Snakes), and Ken Lower at Hermana  (Trent Miller).

Bucketfull Of Brains Records are distributed by Proper Music Distribution