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Echo Road


‘Echo Road’ -a new single coming from Richard Davies & The Dissidents – released 11th September

Richard Davies & The Dissidents release a new single ‘Echo Road’ on Friday 11th September. A track from their acclaimed Human Traffic album it’s coupled with their take on the Terry Chimes/Tony James composition ‘Russian Roulette’ originally recorded by The Lords Of The New Church.

Richard’s thoughts on the two cuts:

‘Echo Road’ is the first song that I wrote for the album. It’s about being unable to escape the past. I think we recorded a few versions, but this one felt like a good radio song. It’s also the first song that Neil (Scully) played on. I wanted to write something accessible to as many people as possible. Hopefully I managed to do that.

Russian Roulette’ has always been a fave of mine. I think it was Tim (Emery)’s idea to record it. It’s a bit of a sacred cow, but I think we managed to record a good version. Tony James wrote it and I love pretty much everything he ever did.

The band play their first London-area gig on Saturday 26th September as part of the line-up for What’s Cookin’s Last Day Of Summer at the Abbey Arms in Abbey Wood.