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“It’s The Way Of The Wild” – new video from Richard Davies’ Human Traffic

A new video for ‘Way Of The Wild’ was premiered last Friday last through our friends at AmericanaUK; if you haven’t seen it it’s below.

Richard had this to say of ‘Way Of The Wild’: “It’s a song about the struggles of everyday life. Things don’t always go the way we want them to. It’s an important song for me as a writer because I managed to say exactly how I felt at the time, and it reminds me of the power of words and melodies when they connect in the way that you want them to. Probably the easiest song for us to record; if you listen carefully you can hear a ska-beat organ holding it all together. Also it’s the song that first alerted me to the potential of what has become a great rock n roll band.”

Meanwhile bass-player Tim Emery provided background to the video: “We’ve had a creative relationship with the film maker Darren Stockford going back to the early 90s. More recently Darren has produced some fantastic independent films of his own with a real cinematic quality that we liked. So, he seemed the obvious person to approach. We gave him complete creative control to do what he wanted, just providing him with lockdown footage of the Dissidents playing and he did the rest. As long as he continues to answer our emails, we’ll work with him again. These are crazy times that we live in and it was a nice touch with Trump and Boris Johnson appearing in the film whilst the world falls apart!”

Human Traffic is now live on all the streaming sites. There is a slight delay in full distribution of CDs and the official release date is now this coming Friday 19th June, though some pre-orders have already been dispatched.

You can order the CD from our distributor Proper, from all the usual online shops, and direct from the band through The Snakes’ website. If you can, buy it from an independent record shop, they are starting to open again after lock-down and need all the support they can get

The legendary Rodney Bingenheimer played ‘21st Century Man’ on his Sunday night Underground Garage radio show the other week, and the album continues to glean ecstatic reviews. Here’s a smattering:

“If you understand the connection between blues, the 60’s bands who electrified it, both literally and metaphorically, the origins of punk, especially the New York end of things, and why those sounds refuse to go away, then Human Traffic is going to be exactly your cup of Java” Dancing About Architecture

“Full of memorable, melodic tunes… Sometimes bring(s) to mind elements of The Stones, Mott… and The Heartbreakers without ever sounding derivative.” Shindig