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Trent Miller – Time Between Us (BOB 801)

Four years on from the release of the acclaimed Burnt Offerings, London songwriter Trent Miller returns with his fourth album. Time Between Us carries on the trajectory set by its predecessor, which saw Miller begin to emerge from the darkness that overshadowed his first two albums Cerberus (2009) and Welcome To Inferno Valley (2011), towards a hopeful glimmer on the horizon and a new maturity in songwriting.

It’s not all sweetness and light though: the past four years have seen Miller navigate his way through a difficult divorce, as well as conquering his various other demons, and this is reflected in the lyrics. Musically, the album is considerably richer, its sonic timbres sighted midway between the melodic folk-pop of The Byrds and the ethereal shimmer of the Cocteau Twins.

Like Burnt Offerings, Time Between Us was recorded at Reservoir Studios in North London, co-produced by Trent with Graham Knight of Simple Kid and Orphan Colours. The album also features Trent’s regular accomplices, renowned session guitarist Paul Cuddeford, violinist Barbara Bartz, cellist Bethany Porter and drummer Patrick Degenhardt.

Born and raised in the countryside of north-eastern Italy, fuelled by dreams of rock’n’roll, Miller made his way to London as a youth, joining the just-blooming Americana circuit. Carrying with him the dual influence of the Beats and darkly troubled songwriters like Gene Clark, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Thin White Rope’s Guy Kyser, he made his recorded debut on the album Hidden Desert, a tribute to the latter much missed Northern Californians. Releasing his debut Cerberus himself, he later signed up with the recording arm of highly-regarded underground magazine, Bucketfull Of Brains, for the first full-length release on the label, Welcome To Inferno Valley.

Trent will be playing a series of dates around the release of Time Between Us. The album will be preceded by a single, ‘Days In Winter’ .

Times Between Us is released on 6th April 2018.

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